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Annuities Online     (14 credits) 
$ 84.00
Safeguarding Seniors Online      (6 credits)  $ 36.00
Senior Suitability online                             (5 credits) 
$ 30.00
Long Term Care Partnerships (initial)           (8 credits) 
$ 48.00
Rules for Florida Life Agents - Online            (3 credits)   $ 18.00
Qualified Retirement Plans - Online   (15 credits)   $ 90.00
Individual Retirement Accounts - Online        (7 credits)   $ 42.00
CODAs - 401k - Online                               (8 credits)  $ 48.00
Florida Agent Ethics - Online                      (4 credits)  $ 24.00
Agent Ethics - Online                                (3 credits)  $ 18.00
Unlicensed Entities - Online                        (3 credits) 
$ 18.00
Lifetime Settlements                                 (5 credits)  $ 30.00
Disability Insurance - Online                        (5 credits)  $ 30.00
Nonqualified Plans - Online                         (6 credits)  $ 36.00
Long Term Care (Refresher) Online             (6 credits) $ 36.00
P&C Ethics and Hurricane Mitigation Online     (4 credits) 
$ 24.00

Law & Ethics Update 2-14 LV Online    (5 credits)

$ 30.00

Law & Ethics Update 2-15 LHV Online   (5 credits)

$ 30.00


BOOKLET VERSION (to be shipped UPS, no PO Boxes please)

Senior Suitability                                  (5 credits)  $ 30.00
Safeguarding Seniors                                (6 credits)  $ 36.00
Annuity Contracts                                     (15 credits)  $ 90.00
Estate Planning   (no longer available)          (25 credits) $ 150.00
                   $ 0.00
Qualified Retirement Plans                     (15 credits) $ 90.00
Today's IRAs                                           (7 credits) $ 42.00
401(k)s - cash or Deferred Arrangements     (6 credits) $ 36.00
Florida Insurance Regulations                     (3 credits) $ 18.00
Life Agent Responsibilities                          (2 credits) $ 12.00
Unauthorized Entities                                (3 credits) $ 18.00
Florida Agent Ethics                                 (4 credits) 
$ 24.00
Nonqualified Benefit Plans                         (6 credits)  $ 36.00
Disability Income Insurance                       (5 credits)  $ 30.00
P&C Ethics and Hurricane Mitigation            (4 credits)  $ 24.00
Senior Suitability                                      (5 credits)  $ 30.00
Long Term Care Partnerships (initial)           (8 credits) 
$ 48.00
Long Term Care Refresher              (6 credits) $ 36.00

Law & Ethics Update 2-14 LV      (5 credits)

$ 30.00

Law & Ethics Update 2-15 LV       (5 credits)

$ 30.00

Please note: Booklet versions (with final exams) will be shipped UPS or USPS Priority, the user name and password selection will not be necessary.

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