Chapter 5
An Ethical Insurance Practice

The important points addressed in this lesson are:

Success of the sales process can be attributed more to ethical treatment of client than any particular sales technique that might be employed by the agent
The approach step of the sales process is designed to create trust and rapport
Agents must disclose that they are sellers of financial products no later than the opening interview
The only ethical recommendation an agent can make is one that is suitable for the client
Any supporting materials used in the sales process by the agent must be sufficiently clear to be able to stand alone without misleading the reader

The sales process is the heart of any company's distribution system.  Its ultimate success is based on the salesperson's ability to develop trust and create rapport with a prospect.  The salesperson's ethics and values contribute more to the process' success than any specific technique or strategy the agent might use.  For a professional, selling is not a one-way transaction; instead, it is a collaborative process in which the professional and the buyer work together to achieve an exchange of value.

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