Chapter 4 Review Questions

The term “sales tools” includes everything that the agent uses to:

create interest in purchasing a product
create interest in keeping a purchased product
Both a and b
Neither a nor b

Shirley Whitcomb is a certified financial planner whose business card and letterhead identify her as “Shirley Whitcomb & Associates, Certified Financial Planners.”  Under what circumstances would Shirley’s business card and letterhead be acceptable?

If Shirley was a CFP
If Shirley and all of her associates were CFPs
either a or b
neither a nor b

What licensing or registration is generally required before an insurance agent may refer to him- or herself as a financial planner?

The agent must have a Series 63 registration
The agent must be a CLU
The agent must be a registered investment adviser
The agent must be Series 6 registered

What are the areas that may be ethical concerns in the use of personal brochures?

Claiming expertise or education not possessed
Misstating personal or professional accomplishments
Failure to include material information
all of the above