Welcome to Wall Street Instructors'   Annuities course.   This self-study program has been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for  14  credits of intermediate level continuing education.    
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The study text is offered as an interactive, on-line course covering the following topics:


· Types of Annuity Contracts (fixed, indexed and variable),

· Taxation of Annuities

· Annuity Marketplace

· Regulatory Framework

· Types of Annuity Investors

· Investment Objectives

· Determining Annuity Suitability,

· State and FINRA Disclosure Requirements and

· Agent Responsibilities


The course is presented in six chapters, and you must complete a study review at the end of each chapter.  These study reviews will help you to better understand the material presented in each chapter.

After you review the text, you must successfully complete a final examination. This multiple choice examination is offered online.  The examination will be automatically graded and results will be released to you immediately upon completion.  


Passing grade for this program is 70% correct. The exam is given on the "honor system" — an outside monitor is NOT needed.  Upon successful completion of the final exam, Wall Street Instructors will send you a certificate of completion for your records and electronically file your results with the Department of Financial Services.

Be sure you have reviewed the study text before taking the final examination.  If you do not score 70% or better on the exam, re-examination is available.


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