Welcome to Wall Street Instructors' Individual Retirement Accounts continuing education web course for Florida life agents.  This interactive self-study program has been accepted by the Florida Department of Financial Services to meet 7 credits of intermediate-level continuing education for life-licensed agents.  FL DFS approval number: 42285

This program is presented on-line -- with a self-monitored final examination. If you have any questions or comments while you study the material, you may e-mail your questions to an instructor by simply clicking on the button on the left side of each page. If you wish to study the material off-line, a printable version of the study text is available -- so you can study away from your computer.

The study lesson is divided into four Modules covering four different types of IRAs: Traditional, Roth, SEPs and SIMPLEs, plus a page on the Savers' Credit that pertains to all types of IRAs.   Upon completion of the study materials you must pass a self-monitored final examination. Passing score is 70% correct. The final exam can be completed on the "honor system" -- an outside monitor is not needed. When you have successfully completed the final examination, Wall Street Instructors will send you a certificate of completion for your records, and electronically file the completion with the Department of Financial Services.


NOTICE: While every effort has been made to provide up-to-date information, this program does not in any way offer legal or tax advice for specific situations.

We recommend using the "NEXT" links at the bottom of each page as a way of following the study materials in a coherent manner.  Other links are provided at the bottom, side and top of each page to "skip through the pages" .
Please note: you must successfully complete each of the four sets of review questions and the final examination to earn continuing education credit.

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