Chapter 4
Ethical Guidelines for Reviewing the Sales Process

The important points addressed in this lesson are:

The ethics and values of the salesperson contribute more to the success of the sales process than any sales technique that might be employed by the practitioner
The objective of the approach step of the sales process is to create trust and rapport
The practitioner is ethically required to fully disclose that he or she is a seller of financial products in the opening interview
The prime ethical principle in the presentation step of the sales process is that any recommendation made to the prospect be suitable
Supporting materials used by the practitioner in the sales process must be sufficiently clear to be able to stand alone without misleading the reader

The sales process -- generally consisting of the steps from pre-approach to the close -- is the heart of any company's distribution system.  Basic to the success of the sales process is the salesperson's ability to develop trust and create rapport with a prospect.  As each of the steps of the process is considered and examined, it should become clear that the salesperson's ethics and values contribute more to the success of the process than any techniques that he or she might use or strategies that might be implemented.

Selling is not something that a salesperson does to someone else; instead, it is something that the professional does for and with a buyer that results in an exchange of value.

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Opening Interview
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