Chapter 2 Review

Disability insurance policy renewability provisions govern the insurer's ability to cancel coverage or increase its premium.  The most insured protection is provided by coverage that is noncancellable and guaranteed renewable.  Disability definitions may vary greatly from insurer to insurer and may consider the insured totally disabled when unable to do his or her own job or may require that the insured be unable to perform the duties of any job.

The principal disability insurance exclusions and limitations refer to pre-existing conditions, acts of war and the insured's service in the armed forces.  These provisions may limit the insurer's liability for the insured's disability or may eliminate it altogether.

Chapter 2 Review Questions

1.  What guarantee(s) is/are provided in disability insurance coverage that is noncancellable and guaranteed renewable?

That the insurer will not increase the premium during the specified period
That the insurer will not refuse to renew the policy during the specified period
*Both a and b
Neither a nor b


2.  Which of the following is NOT a renewability provision found in a disability income insurance policy?

Noncancellable & Guaranteed Renewable
Conditionally Renewable
*Automatically Renewable
Guaranteed Renewable


3.  Under what conditions would an insurer pay a disability income benefit for a pre-existing condition?

*If the condition was disclosed in the application for the policy and was not excluded
If the agent has accepted the pre-existing condition risk
After the policy has been in force for one year
The insurance company specifically excluded the condition


4.  The period of time beginning with the onset of disability describes the:

*elimination period
benefit period
rehabilitation period
probationary period


5.  What is the maximum benefit period that would normally apply to an insured under a disability income policy providing lifetime benefits if he became disabled from sickness at age 61?

2 years
5 years
*age 65