Rehabilitation Benefits

Insurers have a vested interest in their disabled insured's returning to work.  As a result, almost all disability income insurance policies provide some type of rehabilitation benefit.  There are two parts to the typical rehabilitation benefit:

The first part of the benefit guarantees that participation in a rehabilitation program will not be considered a recovery from total disability that would reduce or eliminate benefits.

The second part of the benefit pays some or all of the costs of the rehabilitation program that are not covered by other means.

Although insurers want their disabled insureds to return to work, their doing so may or may not affect the disability income benefits. The insurer's sponsorship of a rehabilitation program might not result in a reduction or the cessation of the company's liability for continued monthly income claims payments.  

Consider the case of a disabled insured who is covered under an own occupation definition of disability.  If the insured returns to work in a different capacity monthly income benefits may still be payable because the insured may be unable to engage in his or her own occupation.